Lip of the jug

.. I had an americano this morning, only one shot though! There was a lady in front of me in the queue with her son and they were chatting. It was a good conversation! I could tell the dynamic between them was good and he was happy to relate his circumstances to his mum. “I’ll bring this over to your table” Laura said. Shes good like that. Always friendly and happy to help or pass the time of day. That’s what keeps us coming back to our favourite venues. Just a word, a look, a smile, a greeting. I sat down and wondered about S.G. Martin. It was a new arrival in the harbour over recent days. Actually an old pilot boat refurbished to former glory. My coffee came. “Thanks” I said. I lifted the small jug and began to pour. Some went into my cup but rather a lot over spilled the lip of the jug, down the sides and onto the table. It dribbled onto the floor. No major harm done! Unlike unexpurgated words over spilled from another lip. These messy pools cannot easily be cleaned up! Better to pour gently .. just enough to flavour the receptacle .. just enough to make the contents taste even better than before your outpouring because you can’t clean up the mess from these lips. #coffee #americano #3kingscoffee #portstewartpromenade #benice #morningmusings🌻 #motivate

What is your Mussenden?

..One of the most iconic and arguably most often photographed scenes on the north coast. If you look closely enough you will find all of the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The fire from the sun isn’t obvious, but its effects are cinematically projected onto the giant screen in the form of clouds; which in themselves reflect the presence of wind and movement. The elements give the picture it’s personality. This could be any distant landscape in the country! However, one thing makes it really stand out and instantly recognisable. Mussenden Temple, built in 1785. From this angle and with the presence of a natural backlight, the location of the photo is unmistakable. The building sets the landscape apart from other shots of undulating distant hills of the spectacular north coast. Got me thinking again about each of us and our unique dna! Everyone of us is different! Like the photo we are part of the landscape which is life, but I wonder what, if anything, sets us apart from all of the other human landscapes we encounter on an hourly, daily basis. Arguably one might say that more often than not, the defining feature which makes us stand out is found in our personality. When someone looks at us, meets us or has an encounter with us, what is it that sets us apart, what is our Mussenden? Human landscapes can be wonderful too. Undulating, curvaceous, broad, colourful, windswept, breathtaking! But sometimes you have to look for the elements. A good man, out of the good treasure of his heart, brings forth, good treasure.

An August Christmas ..

.. I am often mistaken for a well known TV detective known as Columbo.. but not because of my dishevelled dress sense! Today in true Columbo style I discovered Mary and Joseph and the stable bare with baby Jesus an ox and a nice ass! There were also a number of ewes in lamb and with lamb, lurking in a driveway near the seafront in Ballycastle, a small seaside town in Ireland with a famous annual fair.. why are this family at the Lammas Fair I asked myself ?. Perhaps they are trading the animals down the Fair Hill I answered ! Or is it a #brexit related incident ? Did they come across the Channel in a boat? Well out of season and with the angel Gabriel reportedly too cold to give me an interview the mysterious sighting remains unsolved and this question remains unanswered for now as I’m going for an ice cream to create a few more stains on my columbo coat. As I mull over my gelato I am perplexed as to why the stable is being towed behind a Ford truck.. is it because they couldn’t afford a Mercedes? Have they been kidnapped or in this case “trucknapped” in an audacious plan to sabotage this Christmas ? The more I lick the more ridiculous my self questioning becomes. But one things for sure , this isn’t the last straw, there are a couple of bales in the back of the van !


I never knew you

But when I gaze upon that photo,

The one of me in your arms

When I was only 3 months old

The day of your last breath,

I know that you loved me.

I never met you,

But when I get to meet my brothers

And my sisters

I get to see all the parts of who you were,

Reflected through them.

Their laughter and love

Kindness Godliness and goodness

Tell me a bit about who you were.

I never got to say to how much I love you dad,

But when I read my mother’s words to you and about you

I know how much you were loved and cherished,

I never got to say thank you

But I am thankful for who you were,

What you achieved,

and how you provided for us in your short life,

Thank you for being a father to me.

I love you dad,

Through Grace I will get to tell you in person

Another day!